3 Amazing Applications of Titanium

Titanium has found wide application in many industries. Many manufacturers, engineers, and designers use titanium in a wide variety of projects and products. Titanium boasts as the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural metal due to its tough but lightweight nature. The amount of titanium that is required to produce a structure is far less than the number of other metals needed to raise the same structure with the same strength. A titanium plate is double the size of copper and 75% larger than stainless steel. Therefore, you can use half of the titanium to complete a job done with copper.

Titanium has therefore, been used to meet a wide variety of customer needs. They are used for advanced body implants and weight reduction in many structures and products. Below are some fields where titanium has been used extensively.

#1: Titanium in medical devices

It is estimated that we take in around 0.8mg of titanium on a daily basis. Most of them pass through us without being absorbed because our bodies have a capability to handle titanium even in large doses. This metal has a similar density with the human bone and this makes it perfect for use in surgical implants.

Titanium has been used for over 20 years with for socket and joint replacement, dental implants, and heart stents. It is also used in for making surgical instruments and other medical devices. Further, children’s wheelchair made with titanium can be made to grow as the child grows older

#2: Titanium in the Aerospace market

Titanium was first used in the SR-71 “Blackbird” warplane. This metal was used extensively in its structure and skin. This prevented the aerodynamic friction resulting in intense speeds. No other metal can achieve this; they will melt out of the sky. The standard evasion procedure of the plane was to outrun any surface to air missile fired at it. The blackbird has held the record of the fastest aircraft for over 30 years now and can travel a distance of 3500km in just an hour. Thanks to some companies like Metalliage still producing titanium at the best quality we can ever imagine.

#3: Titanium in Architecture

When titanium comes in contact with any oxygen, it spontaneously forms a hard protective oxide. This gives it its shiny and shimmer trademark. But it comes with variations in thickness which affects the color that the metal project. Titanium has also been the metal of choice for artistic and architectural structures due to its remarkable elasticity.