4 Types Of Security Cameras That You Can Rely Upon

Technology behind security cameras is getting improved day-by-day. Innovations are being made in order to manufacture advanced cameras like thermal detection cameras and motion detection cameras. All these advancements are a result of the increasing ways in which companies are suffering due to security breach that results in data theft, system hacking, fraud transactions, and also compromised customer privacy. To come up with the solution of keeping an eye on suspicious activities that might involve your staff deliberately/unknowingly tampering with the company’s internal security system can be captured by security cameras of different kinds.

4 Security Cameras That Can Make Workplace Safer

Workplace security is important for a number of reasons. As an owner you have to be answerable for your staff’s security against harassment, burglary, and theft. You have to ensure that your internal security system is strong enough to protect the privacy of your clients and customers. With the help of any of the 4 cameras mentioned below, you will be able to handle all these security concerns at once.

  • Network Security Cameras – Network cameras are the ones that have higher resolution, more bandwidth, higher storage capacity, and multiple scan sensors. Some specific network cameras are indoor cameras and some other are outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras specifically follow the ultra-low light technology that allows the cameras to record footage with clarity even at night.
  • Thermal Cameras – Thermal cameras can be flexible as well as fixed. Other than capturing high resolution footage, these sensor cameras can also detect heat change. Since their vision isn’t curtailed to just visible light, they offer extremely high quality footage even at night. In other words, these can be your 24×7 cameras that work day and night.
  • PTZ Cameras – PTZ cameras are of two different types, outdoor and indoor. But, the one thing that both the types have in common is their capability to compress video and store it in high resolution. Also, some of the advanced versions of PTZ cameras are Wifi enabled. Also, a single PTZ outdoor dome camera can cover large distance and area on its own.
  • Outdoor Bullet Cameras – Outdoor bullet cameras are actually IP security cameras that can view and capture footage up to 100 feet, in high resolution. The cameras are capable of compressing the video in order to save bandwidth. They are made of strong metal and lenses to withstand outdoor conditions.