Email pitching tips

In an era when inboxes are constantly flooded with incoming emails, communications professionals must ensure their pitches are read by journalists. Leading public relations firm, Adoni Media has compiled a list of its top tips to ensure your message will get cut through: Sell your idea in the subject line. The subject line can make […]


Why HOA Management is the Best to Advertise for Empty Properties

What good would be your rental property if there were no tenants to rent it out? You may have given advertisements alluring the potential tenants for renting out the rental property. However, you may not have the requisite time to go along with every potential tenant to help them go through the rental property. Unless […]


Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Ads for Businesses   

      In the past, and not too long ago actually, businesses could quite easily survive without the need to advertise online. However, things do not work like that way these days. Consumers are fond of scouring the Internet for everything they need. For most of them, if your business is not online, it […]


How to Write a Marketing Newsletter and How to Reach Your Audience

Some fear that the end of email marketing is eminent, due to new digital platforms popping up all the time and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) putting pressure on contact numbers. But social media platforms can rise and fall fast, and with the right recruitment strategy, GDPR doesn’t need to be a problem. The […]


What to do in Conflicts with Copyright?

There should be a permission to publish work before it can be done; this permission should be obtained from the author to avoid litigation and violation of the law. In addition to this, duly noted should be that any rights of exploitation are to be observed, thus making an inquiry about such rights in collecting […]


Benefits of MTD for VAT to Businesses

With only a few months left to prepare for MTD for VAT, many businesses who meet the taxable threshold are taking action. The mandatory process means that all businesses under the initiative will need to keep their records digitally – but there are many benefits that will be felt by customers, book-keepers and business owners […]


  What Makes The Smart People Go With Short Sale Blogs?

The fact cannot be ignored that having more knowledge makes your life easier. When it comes about like selling, investing or buying, it becomes important to go with the expert advice. And the motto of Short Sale Blog is making you informed about it in a discreet manner. At this official web portal, you can […]


Why Having a Business Coach is Essential for a Business?

As a small business owner, a corporate professional, or a first-time entrepreneur, sometimes you do need a little help and other times a lot of help. But how do we exactly react in such situations? Suppose, sometimes when our marketing efforts slip, or sales number plateaus, we start looking to ourselves and our team to […]


How to Properly Calculate PITI Payments

PITI stands for principle, interest, taxes, and insurance, and by calculating PITI payments potential buyers can more accurately estimate how much home they can realistically afford. PITI essential is the sum of a loan payment that includes the principal amount, loan interest, property taxes, and homeowners/private mortgage insurance premiums. While there are online calculators, here […]


Why Houston developers need a construction crane service as a vendor

Sooner or later, most developers have the need for a crane rental service. Whether it’s something that comes up unexpectedly in a project or the need was known far in advance, securing the services of a construction crane service ensures that the necessary tools are available within the timeframe needed. Get Ahead of the 2019 […]