Email pitching tips

In an era when inboxes are constantly flooded with incoming emails, communications professionals must ensure their pitches are read by journalists. Leading public relations firm, Adoni Media has compiled a list of its top tips to ensure your message will get cut through:

  1. Sell your idea in the subject line.

The subject line can make the difference between your email being opened or not. You need to find a way to make your email stand out amongst the others, by showing a little personality and hinting at your core message.

  1. Explain your value proposition.
    You need to explain why the idea is relevant to the recipient and why it’s a good opportunity for their publication to get on board. Keep it short and sweet, about 3 to 4 sentences, as the journalist has a lot of other emails to flick through.
  2. Research journalists that will be interested in what you have to say.
    Sending out your message to thousands of people may get you some pick up, but it is better to take a little extra time to segment journalists who are interested in your topic and get a higher hit rate.
  3. Know the audience you want to reach.
    Following on the above point, there is no use sending your pitch to hundreds of journalists that don’t have the audience you are interested in.
  4. Don’t send out the same email to every journalist.
    Simply sending out the same email to a bunch of people will get you nowhere. You have to prove you have put in a little effort, by personalising each message or they will simply be ineffective.
  5. Send a follow up email.
    If you don’t receive a response within a week simply send a follow up email that isn’t too pushy. Sometimes people think they have replied to the email or accidently missed yours in the crowd.