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Here’s Everything You Should Know about Brother’s New FLe Label Tape

Brother have launched a new kind of label tape in their famous P touch series. This innovative tape is only compatible with a few selected printers, however it is stated on the top of the printer that it will accept these new cartridges. Have a look at the complete range of the label tapes at and a few of them below.

1.       TZe-***

They are the most normal of all the tapes that are available in a huge collection of sizes as well as colors. They come in laminated and are deemed an all-rounder.

2.       TZe-B***

It is the same as listed above, but particularly in fluorescent colors.

3.       TZe-FA*

These tapes are non-laminated, iron on label in a single size and a single color.

4.       TZe-FX***

These tapes come in laminated and are extra flexible on the curved surfaces like wrapping around the cables and pipes. They are available in 2 colors but in many sizes.

5.       TZe-S***

These tapes come in laminated but they have a really strong adhesive. They are available in 3 colors.

6.       TZe-N***

Many applications might need a non-laminated tape. This is where these tapes come to the rescue. They are available in many sizes but with a single color only.

7.       TZe-SE*

This tape comes in laminated with a tamper evident adhesive that leaves a pattern behind on the applied surface as well as the label if it is tampered with. It is only available in a single size and a single color.

8.       HGe-***

These high grade tapes are extremely strong tapes as they have the same adhesive like the strongest variety of this major series. The label material and the ribbon combination when are used in the right printer means that they are ideal for higher print speeds and a higher quality resolution of print.

9.       HSe-***

The heat shrink tubing is deemed a printable tube where a cable is fed through. The tubing is then heated up in order to shrink so as it becomes immovable. It is available in many sizes but a single color.

* = single number digit

What are FLe tapes?

FLe labels are deemed a die cut cable flag. These tapes can be utilized in a few selected printers like the PT-P900W as well as the PT-P970NW. They are a two part label that has the following:

a.       2 cable wrap tags

b.      1 printed label that can fold over itself.

There are many ways when it comes to the application of the label to the cables which entail using one or both cable wrap tags.