How to Choose the Best Trading Platform

As buying and selling within the financial market is something that demands high attention, you should study and get to know your trading platform very well to avoid mistakes that can cost you money.

The choice of the best trading platform should correspond to the objectives and mode of operation of each trader. The Best option Trading Platforms on the market is Home Broker  Online, TradeZone, ProTrader.

Home Broker

This is one of the oldest platforms and has become popular over time. It is a way for traders to trade stocks over the internet. Be it your smartphone, tablet or notebook. That is, the trader himself can operate his actions.

Within the Home Broker, it is possible to have access to the stock market, and options and the investor can operate funds and public bonds.

Trade Zone

The Trade Zone platform was created by IT Evolution. This is an ideal platform for graphical analysis and day trade operations with agility and precision. Can be used simultaneously with Home Broker.

Features of Trade Zone Rico:

  • Chart Trading – Direct transactions in the charts, more clarity, and ease for the trader that is based on the graphical analysis;
  • Maximum speed for tape readers and scalpers;
  • Phi Cube methodology – The trader can receive the statistical indication of the best setups.
  • For beginners, the bet is to bet on the free form of the platform. It has fewer features, but it might be a good start for learning to master the tool.

Rico Trader

This is a platform that aims to cater to all types of traders.


  • The best graphics system in the market – Extremely personalized and makes Rico Trader one of the best trading platforms for those who always want to improve their results.
  • Buy and sell in one click – Ideal for day trade operations, with a sophisticated system for creating indicators and trading strategies.
  • Chart Execution – The trader can act more quickly and accurately.

Pro Trader

The Pro Trader platform is one of the most complete on the market. After all, it is a trading platform that aims to accumulate functions so that the trader can work on several fronts without depending on other tools.


  • Custom Interface
  • Can be used simultaneously with Home Broker
  • Matrix Function – Allows the user to send orders, modifications, and cancellations in a single step
  • Master Option – The trader can view graphs, plot options, and orders profiles. In addition to providing real-time quotations tests
  • Scalper – Professional panel of high frequency and short term negotiations
  • For beginner traders, there is also the possibility of free ProTrader , with some features less, but quite complete for those who are starting.