Is it Too Soon to Take the Leap and Buy an Office?

Having an office where you can operate from has numerous benefits such as; increased productivity, working under minimal disruptions and ability to meet with business partners and clients in an appropriate environment. Buying an office requires considerations before making any rush. Several factors that you need to consider are explained below.

Identifying the right property

• Location

Location of an office for sale is a key factor that determines how convenient you will be to your customers, suppliers and even your workers. A good location should have good access roads, and nearby public transport options.

• Physical condition and safety

You need to know how the property was previously used, potential liability issues that may affect you later and general condition of the office space. You need to access the safety records of the building and know their rating. You also need to check out and get to know the existence of potentially hazardous materials in the building such as asbestos so that you make an informed choice before buying the office.

• Limitations to making alterations

You need to establish the limitations that you have in regard to making any alterations in the office space. This varies according to the local authorities and the various property laws that are in place.

• Parking space

Adequate parking space is a crucial factor that you need to consider before moving to an office. You need to ensure that yourself, your clients and anyone who needs to access your office can do so with ease and have a secure and convenient place to park their vehicle.

• Opportunity for expansion

As an office owner, you need to understand the potential of expanding and decide whether it is a consideration to you. This will enable you decide on how much office space you are looking for.

• Comfort

The office block should be comfortable away from noise or anything that can affect your productivity and that of anyone who will be accessing your office.

Before moving to an office, you need to involve experts in the commercial property industry to guide you in the entire process. They include;

Experts to guide you when buying an office

1. Accountant: An accountant will calculate for you all the operating budgets and taxes to decide whether the move is affordable to you.
2. Lawyer: A lawyer is important in guiding you through the entire process of purchasing an office and to ensure that the entire transaction is legal to avoid any loss of your money while negotiating with the seller.
3. Broker: A broker will assist you in locating an office for sale that you can buy while at the same time advise you on key issues to consider in the property market

Before making the move of buying an office, you need to consider the various factors explained above. Having such a guide will enable you to make the right decision before buying an office where you can operate from. You need to closely look at the above factors before you take a leap and buy an office to ensure you get value for your money.