Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Contractor: Who Do You Hire?

The ordinance of 2016 made it mandatory in Los Angeles to have soft story buildings retrofitted. There is a concern mainly for the San Fernando Valley, Westside, and Hollywood. The buildings that have structural faults and will not hold in an earthquake needs to retrofit their building. For retrofitting your building, you need a retrofitting contractor or company, and fortunately, there are many retrofitting companies in Los Angeles.

Notices are sent to the homeowners to retrofit their buildings by the State Department after they have visited blocks after blocks. The process needs to be completed within 2024. The cost of retrofitting will be carried out by the owners, and it is anything between $60,000 to $120,000. Rents will rise in buildings up to $38 per month for renters.

Does Your Building Need Retrofitting?

Building Department has created a list of 13,500 soft-story building. These buildings may have a structural failure during an earthquake. They are all sent notice, and within 2024, the process needs to be completed.

Earthquake Retrofit Process

A series of steps are taken to complete the retrofit process. You should consult a Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit contractor. Then your engineering plans have to be approved by LADBS. When the plan is approved, the construction starts. Trenches are dug, and installation of new steel beams are done in place of wooden beams, and the story becomes strong.

Retrofitting 360

We are a licensed construction company in Los Angeles and a leading provider of the retrofit process. We have a team of designers and engineers, and they are ready to make the process of retrofit quick and painless. A free evaluation service is provided by us. In this stage, our expert will inspect your building and analyze and access and make a list of what things need to be done. You will be outlined about all the information and measure that are to be taken to complete the retrofit process of your building. We are a leader in the repair and retrofitting of existing Los Angeles structures.