Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Ads for Businesses   


In the past, and not too long ago actually, businesses could quite easily survive without the need to advertise online. However, things do not work like that way these days. Consumers are fond of scouring the Internet for everything they need. For most of them, if your business is not online, it just does not exist.             

Facebook is without a doubt one of the biggest and most popular social networks that have managed to stay dominant and relevant for years. For businesses and companies – both small and big – having a presence on the platform for advertising (i.e., using “Facebook Ads”) is a must-have simply because of its billions of monthly active users.  

If you are interested in using Facebook over its rivals, it is imperative to have an in-depth look at what you will be getting. As such, here’s a quick rundown of the different pros and cons of using Facebook Ads for a business.      


#1. Wider Audience

For any business, reaching their potential customers is the most crucial part, and in many cases the hardest. Naturally, if you want to reach more customers, you would want to be on a platform that offers a significant concentration of people, and this is where Facebook comes in. Keep in mind that the social media giant offers billions of monthly active users (yes, you read right, billions of active users, not just registered ones who haven’t visited their profiles since they opened it). This figure alone is enough to give your business the much-needed boost so that it can reach those potential clients.           

#2. Targeting Options

One of the many reasons why Facebook continues to be one of the best platforms available to advertise a business, product or service online (like platforms such as, Clickbank and similar) is its targeting feature. Through the latter, reaching customers becomes so much easier. There is no need for you to waste time and money on advertising to anyone and everywhere – your focus will be on people who are actually interested in your product or service. You set your targeting options (e.g., age, gender, hobbies, location, interests, related groups, etc.) according to the niche and uniqueness of your business or brand.


#1. Lack of Organic Views

The only catch with Facebook’s algorithm is its limitation when it comes to the visibility of branded messages. In other words, only a relatively small percentage of your customer base is going to see your posts. This is a huge disappointment since the number of fans you have on your business Facebook page can be much higher compared to the number of people who actually see your post. This will also force you to find ways to increase your business page’s likes so that you can make up for the said percentage, and naturally spend even more on advertising.   

#2. Huge Commitment and Time-Consuming

Your Facebook page is something that you can’t just create and forget. You have to be committed to updating it regularly and posting fresh content frequently. Otherwise, your presence will be quickly devoured by other posts in the newsfeed. Even more so, you have to monitor your page’s activity daily, something that will require you to spend time and money on it. Unless you have someone – or perhaps a team – who can focus on your Facebook page’s activity, you might find it hard to focus on running your core business.