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Things to Look For When Traveling in Bandung

If you plan to visit several attractions for tourist in Bandung, there are a variety of things that you want to pay attention not to disturb the comfort of your vacation. Here are things to pay attention before coming to Bandung.


Since all attractions for tourist in Bandung are crowded with visitors, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of the city being free of offense.

Particularly if we’ve to utilize several means of transport to get around the town of Bandung. It’s likely to be cautious with luggage, to not fall into the hands of unauthorized people.

Should you would like to use some facilities in attractions for tourist, it is better to ask first precisely how much it costs. Don’t feel cheated because you’ve to cover too large.


In the event you go to the tourist town of Bandung with public transport, maybe this has to be paid more attention. Even though there is public transport, like transportation and buses, perhaps the time that must be taken will be longer. Let alone congestion that happens on weekends and vacations. Also, make sure before going to visit attractions for tourist in Bandung, you’ve been looking for traffic info to avoid congestion.

Visit time

As a tourist spot, it is no wonder that Bandung is crowded on particular days, mainly when weekends or holidays arrive.

In case you don’t need to jostle with some other visitors or don’t really like the air that is too crowded, you should come when working days. It’s also good to pay attention to the climate and weather. Since maybe it’ll be a little more embarrassing if you visit attractions for tourist in Bandung during the rainy season.

Even for some areas, when the rainy season arrives, it can cause flooding, because rain will generally go down daily. Therefore, it’ll be more challenging to traveling through the rainy season.