Things you should put in safety deposit boxes

A safety deposit box is a great place to store valuable items that you don’t want to insure, loose, or have lying around your home.  For residents in Columbia, SC there are several safety deposit box locations to choose from.

But, does that mean you should go out and get one? Not necessarily. There are certain things you should put in a safe deposit box for safekeeping and things you should not. Here’s a few items you should:

  • Social Security Card

While most people have the number memorized, at some point you will need to produce an original. A safety deposit box may be a great place to store this card, so you don’t lose it.

  • Important Certificates

Original documents of your birth certificate, death certificate, and marriage certificate should be kept in a safe deposit box to ensure they are in a safe place. Other types of certificates that should be placed inside of the box are stock and bond certificates if they are issued in paper form. A will is another great thing that should be kept in a safety deposit box.

  • Personal documents

If you have certain documents that are important, and those that have sentimental value, a safe deposit box is the perfect place to house them. You may have your first manuscript there, cherished letters, and other personal documents that are sentimental to you.

  • Photos

All photos of value should be scanned and housed in your safety deposit box on a USB drive. This will ensure your memories are captured and safe.

  • Jewelry

Do you have certain jewelry pieces that have been appraised and are of value? Putting them in a safe deposit box will help you take care of it and keep those pieces away from prying eyes.

  • Records

Do you have a full inventory of the item in your place? If not, you should start one to ensure you know what you have in case of an emergency. Any property related documents, important insurance documents, and other records pertaining to the upkeep of your home should be in a safe deposit box. Any vehicle titles should also be included.

For more information on opening and keeping a safety deposit box, visit your local Palmetto Citizens Credit Union.