What are the Types of Commercial Construction Projects?

Commercial construction projects tend to vary according to the site. Comprehending and learning about many types of project types can assist you in making the most informed, practical and cost effective decision when it comes to choosing a contractor, no matter whether general or sub, for your construction needs. Here are the main types of commercial construction projects dealt with in the market.

Industrial construction

Industries, warehouses and many other facilities are made use of in order to promote the manufacture and distribution of the products to your final customers. These construction projects require specific foundations and drainage arrangements to make sure that the workers are safe within the facility and the public areas surrounding the facility too. You may need a huge number of permits and zoning applications to make sure you are paying heed to the compliance with all city, state and federal levels that govern these industrial facilities. DCM Group ensures that all these formalities are met and services are being delivered to our clients in an efficient manner.

Institutional construction

Schools, hospitals and other institutional buildings need specialized knowledge and services of a professional contractor. These buildings must pay heed to stringent codes and meet all the specific design needs in order to accommodate the requirements of these institutions. Signing up with a construction company with extended experience in institutional construction projects can bestow the clients with the best results possible.

Residential construction

Apartment buildings and condo are the most common types of residential construction projects. These may need a huge number of permits and must also comply with the local codes and other requirements necessary for residential construction. Your contractor will oversee and is responsible for every aspect of your project to ensure that all the needed paperwork is duly filed and signed on time.

By funding type

Commercial construction is also grouped by the source of funding and request:

Private construction projects are completely funded and contracted by private companies and provide spaces for offices, shops and other profitable activities,

State, county and city construction projects need to meet extra requirements for successful clients. These requirements entail examination of employment practices and safety records.

Federal projects are usually made on federal property. Contractors must pay heed to all federal regulations on wages, safety, and employment in order to qualify for these construction projects.