Why Are Speed Humps Essential And How To Use Them?

Speed humps play a very important role in increasing awareness while on the road and thereby help with traffic calming. While one might confuse speed bumps with speed humps, though they both are same in function – controlling errant drivers on road but they do have significance difference. While speed bumps are like small stoppages for a driver, the speed humps tend to give them an aggressive jerk on the way. Also, a regular speed bump is around 6 feet long while speed humps are modular and span between 12-14 feet long,

Benefits of speed humps:

1) The main purpose of these humps is to reduce the driving speed to 10-15 miles an hour while it is somewhere between 25-30 miles per hour in between these humps. These humps make it impossible for people to speed over even if they wish to.

2) These humps are arranged in a way so that disruption on cycling lanes can be avoided and also help with on-street parking.

3) Rather than speed bumps which cover a small area, these humps actually have to be traveled through, meaning which, people have to regulate their speed before and after crossing the speed hump too.

Important facts about speed humps:

1) These humps can at times increase the response/reaction time when it comes to taking immediate action. The same can be avoided with the usage of speed cushions.

2) These speed humps also tend to cause wear and tear of the vehicle meaning which they need to be maintained and looked well after so that they do not cause excessive damage to the vehicle. People are more likely to show resentment towards the placement of such humps that increase their personal vehicle maintenance cost.

3) One needs to understand all about off-set installation and speed cushion configuration in order to make sure that people aren’t caused inconvenience while driving over these.

Speed humps simply cannot be installed anywhere and everywhere. One needs to understand the entire plan of the road, the setting of the same, and also understand the traffic regulations and implications about the same. One needs to decide on the type of material that they’d like to go ahead with depending on their budget and how they would go about with the maintenance of the same. Installing them with the right and complete knowledge is the only way to make the best use of this advanced traffic calming solution.